TLDA Bill Tracking List

With the 86th Legislature just past the half-way point, and close to 8,000 bills filed, we are happy to share our Bill Tracking Reportof legislationwe are watching, in addition to those in our legislative package.

If you have other bills you’d like added to this track list, please send to us at and will add them to our watch.

Here are the keystones of our legislative package:

  • HB 2839 by Munoz and its companion SB 1510 by Schwertner:  Relating to the apportionment of infrastructure costs in regard to certain property development projects
  • HB 3167 by Oliverson and its companion SB 2370 by Hughes:  Relating to the procedure for approval of certain land development applications by a political subdivision
  • HB 3140 by Guillen:  Relating to the regulation of residential mortgage loan companies, including requiring the registration of mortgage lot lender companies; imposing a fee.

Committee hearings have been requested on these bills and are expected to be set in the coming weeks.  We will be reaching out as the bills work through the process, asking for your help supporting these issues.