August Meeting hosted Plateau Wildlife & Land Management

For those of you who missed our August meeting, we were delighted to host guest speaker Tim Milligan of Plateau Wildlife & Land Management.

Plateau Land & Wildlife Management is the largest private provider of Wildlife Management valuation/exemption plans, products, services, and consulting in Texas. Plateau provides services to well over 1000 landowners each year and assists over 400 new landowners make the transition from traditional Ag to Wildlife Management without issue. Tim has been part of the Plateau family for over 10 years, starting as a Wildlife-Services Technician to his current role as Sales Manager. In this role, Tim and the sales team at Plateau focus on bringing awareness of Wildlife Management as an Ag use to landowners and industry professionals across Texas. This starts with reliable answers and information that helps landowners make informed decisions. The Plateau Family of Companies includes Plateau Land & Wildlife; Plateau Land Group, a rural real estate company; Braun & Gresham, a law firm focusing solely on matters faced by rural landowners; and Plateau Exchange, a 1031 exchange intermediary. Plateau Land & Wildlife Management and the Plateau Family of Companies work with individual landowners, developers, realtors, county appraisal districts, and state agencies across Texas. There’s a good bet someone within the companies will have the answer you’re looking for as it pertains to owning, buying, selling, marketing, developing, or otherwise enjoying landownership in Texas. Plateau Land & Wildlife – Simplifying and improving land ownership since 1997.