Announcing Our Esteemed Speaker for the TLDA March General Membership Meeting

The Texas Land Developers Association (TLDA) is thrilled to announce the speaker for our upcoming March General Membership Meeting. Join us as we welcome a distinguished Texan, a man of profound integrity, and a visionary entrepreneur, Adam Hinojosa, to share his insights and experiences with us.

Event Details:

  • Who: TLDA
  • What: March General Membership Meeting
  • When: Thursday, March 7, 11:30 a.m.
  • Where: The Barrel House Kitchen + Bar, 1927 S. Tourist Drive, Edinburg

About Adam Hinojosa:

Adam Hinojosa’s Texas roots run deep, stretching back to 1874, marking him as a fourth-generation Texan with a rich heritage in the state. Born in Brownsville, TX, with connections to Santa Rosa, and currently residing in Corpus Christi, Adam embodies the spirit and values that make Texas great. As a devoted family man, a person of faith, and a successful entrepreneur, he represents the very essence of dedication and hard work.

Adam’s journey from a Del Mar College police academy graduate to a dynamic entrepreneur showcases his commitment to growth, development, and the betterment of south Texas. With his hands-on experience operating five businesses, Adam has firsthand knowledge of overcoming challenges related to government red tape, regulation, and taxation. His problem-solving skills and leadership have not only contributed to the economic vitality of Corpus Christi but also promise to inspire and motivate our members.

His contributions to the political landscape, particularly in flipping Nueces County, demonstrate his commitment to conservative values and his strategic vision for South Texas. Adam stands firm on issues like the 2nd Amendment, pro-life advocacy, support for law enforcement, and border security. His efforts to combat radicalism in Texas schools align with the values that TLDA members hold dear.

Adam Hinojosa’s message is clear: the time is now to uphold the conservative values of South Texas and ensure a prosperous future for our families. We are at a pivotal moment to make a significant impact, and Adam’s leadership and vision will undoubtedly lead the way.

RSVP Today:

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Adam Hinojosa, a true Texan leader. For event details, registration, and RSVP, please visit here. Let’s come together to support a brighter, safer, and more prosperous future for Texas.

Join us at The Barrel House Kitchen + Bar for what promises to be an enlightening and motivating session. See you there!