Legislative Update – May 24 2023

Dear members and stakeholders,

We are writing to provide a vital update on the progress of several bills we’ve been closely monitoring in the Texas Legislature. We understand the importance of these bills to our industry and we’re doing our best to keep everyone abreast of their progress.

  1. HB 2037 – This bill is no longer active in the legislature. We regret to inform you that HB 2037 is dead.
  2. HB 3697 – Currently, this bill is in the conference committee where final amendments and compromises are being considered. We are optimistic about its progress and will continue to track its status.
  3. HB 3699 – We are pleased to report that HB 3699 has passed and is expected to be sent to the Governor for his signature soon.
  4. SB 2038 – This is a significant victory for our community. SB 2038 was signed by the Governor and will take effect on September 1st.
  5. HB 14 – This bill is on the Senate’s calendar for today. We are eagerly awaiting the Senate’s deliberation and will update you on any developments.
  6. HB 866 – Unfortunately, HB 866, which was on the Senate’s calendar for today, seems to have been removed. We are working to understand the reason for this and to determine the bill’s future.
  7. HB 4635 – This bill contains language that potentially criminalizes lenders. We are frantically working with the author to take it to the conference committee in hopes of amending it to rectify this issue.

The last day for bills to be heard in the House was last night at midnight. As for the Senate, any bill not heard by tonight at midnight will not progress further in this legislative session.

Our team at the Texas Land Developers Association is tirelessly tracking these developments and advocating for our industry’s best interests. We will continue to update you as these bills progress through the legislative process.

Thank you for your ongoing support.