2019 Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium a Success!

The 2019 Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium hosted a terrific two days of great information spanning a multitude of issues.  With more than 125 attendees from across the state, we were privy to information and presentations from state thought-leaders and policy-makers, industry experts, and capitol insiders. Click here for our program in full, and visit Texas Home & Mortgage for power point presentations from our speakers.

We also walked the halls of the Capitol, meeting with more than 40 legislative staffers on our issues.  Click here for the full list of Capitol contacts and please, if you have not already, send a follow up note either via email, or US Post, to thank them for their time and consideration on our behalf.

The Texas Land Developers Association and the Seller Finance Coalition make up a vital sector of our state’s economy, and we were happy to partner on this event and on our legislative efforts here in Texas.  Our members are on the front lines, providing homes for fellow Texans; opening doors of opportunity that were previously closed; and creating homeowners out of hard workers.

As the regulatory policies continue to evolve for this industry, it is increasingly important for our industry to have a seat at the table and be aware of what is going on at both the state and national levels.  Your input and participation helped make that possible.

We hope you will join us at our next Symposium in February 2021 back here in Austin.  Until then, we hope you enjoy these photos from the event.