1st Annual Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium a success!

The Texas Land Developers Association, in partnership with the Seller Finance Coalition, hosted its first annual Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium, with more than 100 seller financers of homes and land, loan servicers, title professionals, and service providers from across the state in attendance.

dynamic two days of content-rich presentations and discussions were presented on issues related to the industry – both state and national – and what to expect in the upcoming 86th Texas Legislative Session, including the regulation and enforcement of state statues, rules, and policies related to the mortgage lending environment.

“As the regulatory policies continue to evolve for this industry, it is increasingly important for our industry to have a seat at the table and be aware of what is going on at both the state and national levels,” said Paul Daniec of San Antonio, president of Texas Land Developers Association.  “We’ve had great success federally with efforts to amend the Dodd-Frank Act, but without a strong voice of broad support at the state level, these efforts are for naught.”

The Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium is a joint effort of the Texas Land Developers Association and Seller Finance Coalition, representing the owner-financed land and mortgage industry in Texas and in Washington. Members are invested in providing homes to fellow Texans, opening doors of opportunity to the American dream, and creating homeowners out of hard workers.  Together, they are making a difference in the lives of many through legislative and regulatory advocacy and influence in both Austin and D.C.

“TLDA has forged a great reputation of respect in the legislature through hard work and due diligence,” said founding member Scot Campbell of Harlingen.  “We are often the first call the agency or a legislator makes when it comes to issues regarding the industry.  Our wheelhouse has expanded beyond land use and property rights at the local level, to include mortgage and lending regulations affecting real estate investors across the state.  That’s why it’s so important that we have the support and partnership of the Seller Finance Coalition.”

The event featured keynote addresses from Chairman Todd Hunter, HD 32, Eddie Speed, founder of Note School, Leonard Smith, attorney and expert on county governance, and Marco Longoria of Branscomb PC, giving an overview of the recently passed federal tax legislation and it’s impact on the industry. Other sessions included a legislative panel featuring Representatives Ryan Guillen and Dan Flynn, and Senator Charles Perry; as well as a Q&A with Commissioner Caroline Jones of the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending.